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William Brinkerhoff, Jr., the CEO & Founder of Lost Coast is a long-time Colorado native with strong entrepreneurial roots and a passion for cultivating high-quality cannabis. 

Before launching Lost Coast, Brinkerhoff co-founded Blackriver in 2012, a privately-owned leader in the O&G markets. Blackriver provides like-minded families and investment offices with a premium O&G investment opportunity. The Brinkerhoff family is a staple in the community, with over a century of experience in the upstream O&G space, in addition to operating several local restaurants in Colorado, and now entering cannabis with the 2021 launch of Lost Coast. 

Brinkerhoff was introduced to the cannabis industry by his passion for a fun challenge and interest in building a high quality cannabis label using sustainable and natural cultivation methods. After building a successful O&G property management company, Brinkerhoff is leveraging his expertise in premium product development, entrepreneurship, branding, and sales to bring a next-level cannabis experience to Colorado’s discerning cannabis connoisseurs.