The Emerge Sponsorship Experience

Sponsorship with Emerge is like with no other conference or virtual event.
With our 90-day sponsorship duration and avatar-based virtual reality platform, sponsors get consistent, interactive booth traffic and engagement.

Sponsorship ROI

Measurable Results

  • Got metrics? We do, and as a sponsor you get access to full reports on visitor traffic, engagement, attendee lists, and more. 
  • Emerge is a living ecosystem. In addition to the 3-day conference, Emerge Conference Center & Expo continue to host organizational meetings, day-long workshops, live entertainment and concerts, product launches, and other events over a 90-day period. 
  • As an Emerge sponsor, your booth remains open – providing a consistent flow of thousands of potential clients the entire time.
  • This means leads trickle in and you don’t event need to be there to gather them. 
  • Our team makes it easy for your brand to get involved, customize your booth, and activate your partnership through social and email marketing.
  • Reasonable pricing gives brands high-profile exposure for 90 days and beyond, with sponsor activation elements before, during, and after.
  • Opportunities to host and participate in private events guarantee impressions and provide worldwide sales opportunities.
  • Measurable results: Impact reports, data, and analytics provided. 

Real Live Conference Simulation & Booths

  • Emerge sponsors get a virtual reality booth. 
  • Not a square on a screen that’s supposed to represent a booth, but a life-like, customizable, navigable 2D virtual reality booth that avatar attendees use to walk in and out of to visit your company or brand.
  • Like a video game, it’s cool, engaging, and effective. Only on our platform, only at Emerge.

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3 days. 4 subject tracks. Over 30 sessions. More than 50 exhibitors. 5,000+ attendees. PLUS: The Cannabis CLIO Awards and the USA CBD Expo are included!


Winter 2020 Emerge Live Kickoff begins Tues., Dec. 15, through Thurs., Dec 17, 2020. Utilize the environment for 90 days.