Social Profiles

Oklahoma born and raised, Tyler Dodd is a third-generation cannabis farmer who uses his streamlined cultivation and manufacturing techniques to craft award-winning cannabis flower and secondary products. As the Co-Founder and CEO of Arca Bellum, Dodd utilizes his network of global cannabis cultivation partners, looking to them as mentors and granting him access to a wide array of highly sought-after genetics. A strong knowledge and passion for procedures led to the creation of his SOPs which were developed to generate an extremely aggressive cost of goods sold. 

Tyler is also working closely with the leaders in cannabis technology on projects including data collection and large genetic developments that have gained interest from groups such as MIT and Harvard Medical School. Optimization and efficiency are at the core of every project he and his accredited executive team initiate, and will continue to be the standard of his own operations moving forward. 

Outside of his work in cannabis, something near and dear to his heart is his affiliation with Tulsa, OK based Coffee Bunker, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that supports veterans and service members in their transition to civilian life through personal and professional development.