Sharlene is a Medical Scientist in diagnostic pathology (BAppSc -Medical Laboratory Science) and co-founder and managing director of registered Australian charity/NFO, Medical Cannabis Research Australia (MCRA).  She has spent the last 4 years researching the available scientific literature on how Medical Cannabis may treat an ever-increasing array of symptoms and disorders. 
She’s travelled to the US, UK, Canada, Israel, Colombia and Chile to learn firsthand from the leading researchers and clinicians in this new field of cannabinoid science. She’s been able to share this knowledge by running seminars for medical professionals and patients, with her team, under the banner of MCRA. This charity has over the last 4 years become a leading resource in Australia for education around medicinal cannabis, as well as for advice for patients (10K FB followers).
She is committed to advocating and lobbying for the use and easier access to medical cannabis for patients in Australia, as well as promoting and contributing to more trialled research, to give clinicians both in Australia and in the rest of the world, the evidence they require to pursue this treatment for their patients.