Sasha Kalcheff-Korn is Education Coordinator at Realm of Caring; a nonprofit focused on cannabis research, education, and offering free, one on one cannabinoid therapy support to clients worldwide. Sasha and her team carry on their mission as they wholeheartedly believe that the quality of life matters. Realm of Caring currently has the largest cannabis observational research registry in the United States with John Hopkins University. Data from their previous studies have been published, showing that cannabis use was associated with improved health and quality of life. This information is invaluable for educating consumers, medical professionals, governmental organizations, and the media on the benefits of cannabinoid therapies.

Prior to working with the Realm of Caring, Sasha’s love for nonprofit work and education took her from working with sustainable outreach organizations in Uganda, to a refugee work skills program for women in Denver, to teaching in Title 1 school districts. She earned her Master’s in International Human Rights from the University of Denver; and it was through this program that she went on to share her research and speak on the involvement of women in ending prohibitions at international academic conferences. Her strong belief that everyone deserves access to a quality education and health services has played a huge role in her own education and career path. She is fortunate enough to carry out these passions by working with the Realm of Caring and helping individuals worldwide.