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Mladen Barbaric is a recognized leader and innovator in product design and technology. He has earned an enviable reputation assembling lean, dynamic teams of outstanding designers and engineers to develop effective solutions to complex challenges. It was this ‘less but better’ approach that led him to found Airgraft in 2018, refining technology, materials and performance to upgrade the cannabis experience from plant to pocket. 

Barbaric cut his teeth as an industrial designer in automotive with an early start at Ford where he developed a keen expression of brand through design. In 2008, he founded Pearl Studios in Canada to innovate for the health and wellness sector. Under his direction, the organization became one of the world’s most respected, boutique product and brand firms across industry categories. 

Barbaric has designed, engineered and launched dozens of groundbreaking products for top-tier brands in the luxury to health categories, including Johnson & Johnson, LG, Gucci and others. Through partnership with Qualcomm, he earned notable distinction as a pioneer in wearables and later helped build the breakthrough activity tracker Misfit.