Mariela Canabal is a selfmade Cannapreneur. She is known for staying outside of the box and creating her own highway when she cannot fit into anyone’s highway. She is impassioned by her need to help others within the community and is fueled by giving a hand to help others climb the ladder with her. She majored in Political Science for her love of politics and law. She was a part
of the South Florida Democratic committee and served on the Obama Campaign.

Before entering the cannabis industry, she worked for over 15 years in the legal field. Giving her the knowledge and understanding of the importance of “Rules, Regulations, and Compliance.” In 2016, she encountered health issues after the birth of her daughter, which introduced her to medical cannabis. At that moment, she made the choice to head down the path to becoming educated and
more aware of alternative medicine such as cannabis for a preventative and better quality of health.

In 2017, with the motivation and support of her husband, they decided to look into ways to enter the cannabis industry. Living in Florida was very difficult due to its regulations and laws. During their daughter’s baptism in Puerto Rico, they discovered an opportunity into the growing industry on the island. It was not until the end of 2019 that they decided to fully commit to their dreams to relocate their family to the Caribbean to join the Green Rush.

When they arrived, they were welcomed by earthquakes and global pandemics. She faced many hurdles, but the people’s perseverance and the community support on the island ignited and planted roots for Rosebud Cannabis. Today Rosebud Cannabis is a lifestyle and wellness brand geared at providing an educational and networking platform to the cannabis community. Mariela
has made it her goal to educate the community about the beneficial medical components of cannabis. Her vision is to serve as a bridge of information to reach our Latino communities nationwide based out of Puerto Rico. She is passionate about her work and advocates to free the plant for everyone to access a better quality of life!

Mariela is also the Direct for Minorities for Medical Marijuana Puerto Rico Chapter. She is also a member of numerous organizations within the industry. She has created growing relationships with others that share her enthusiasm to help our communities to fight the war on drugs. She works with different cannabis businesses to create a cannabis ecosystem and business development.
This summer C4 Cannabis Community will serve as a community center for medical cannabis patients to access directly educational and industry resources.

“I know how hard it can be to get into this industry and the obstacles that need to be crossed. I do not want other to have to go through the same obstacles when I can create a bridge to help everyone get to the other side.” – Mariela Canabal.

● Director for Minorities for Medical Marijuana
● Ambassador for Latinas Cannapreneurs
● Cannabiziac Member
● Women in Empowered in Cannabis Member
● Arcview Women Inclusion Member
● Chairmans Club Member
● Guest Speaker for Canna Latino
● Guest Speaker for Green Queen (Cannabis Influencer in Puerto Rico)