Loda Enterprises was founded in the Westminster, CO basement of Loren Hart in 1984. After years of hard work in the world of corporate distribution – often leaving for the airport on Mondays and returning each Friday – he was ready for a change. At about that same time, Loren was asked if he would have an interest in distributing price-marking tools for Avery Dennison in his region. Tired of constant travel and eager to strike out on his own, he did just that. Since then, Loda has been working hard to provide customers in myriad industries with the supply-chain solutions they need in order to operate. From price-marking tools and receipt paper to RFID labels and horticulture tagging and printing supplies, our catalog has expanded and grown to accomidate an ever-expanding customer base and an ever-changing economy. We believe that our success over the last several decades has hinged upon our committment to establishing long-term, beneficial relationships with our customers. Our ethos is that every customer matters and we should always look out for their best interests; which, to us, means that honesty, integrity, quality service, and striving to always provide as much value as possible for our clients is the linchpin of our future success.