Social Profiles

Kirsten Trusko is the CEO and Co-Founder of Emerging Markets Coalition (EMC)– an organization focused on normalizing financial services for underserved markets, currently focused on cannabis related industries. She’s spent a career in FinTech and cutting-edge financial services. Relevant to her current EMC role, previously she’s led the successful drive to normalize marginalized and/or underserved markets and helped drive advocacy to change legislation and regulation in emerging markets.

Her prior roles include building and running financial services businesses: CEO of NBPCA (industry alliance), CEO of IRC Advisory (management consulting in FinTech, payments – especially market entry in underserved/high risk markets), KPMG Consulting, and operational and marketing roles with banks, manufacturing, and finance companies.

Kirsten’s pro-bono work is in anti-human trafficking – especially engaging the financial services industry to partner with law enforcement and government to find and follow the money trail.