Social Profiles

As CEO of Aster Farms, Julia brings an expertise in entrepreneurship, supply chain management and business development to the Aster team. Her personal interest in cannabis is rooted in her battle with chronic migraines, incorporating the plant with her prescribed routine to mitigate symptoms, balance equilibrium and chart a healthy course. Julia develops Aster’s high-level vision, ensuring the team is two steps ahead as the company scales. 

Prior to Aster Farms Julia was co-founder and CEO of NMRKT, an affiliate marketing platform for content providers. She led the company through Techstars and its acquisition by XO Group in 2016, where she went on to become the Director of National Revenue Products. Julia’s career began as a buyer for Bloomingdale’s, giving her a solid foundation in retail and supply chain economics. Today, Julia continues to be a mentor to Techstars and to young entrepreneurs in many fields.

About Aster Farms
Aster Farms is a sustainable cannabis company from Northern California. Founded in 2018, Aster was born from three generations of cannabis knowledge and a dedication to intentionality, transparency and organic practices. We grow craft cannabis the way it was meant to be grown: outdoors, under the sun, moon and stars. We believe that cannabis fits into a healthy, active lifestyle and are dedicated to providing clean cannabis for a clean high. That starts with responsible farming, live-soil and organic inputs, letting nature do the work. Whether you’re consuming cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes, we believe you should be able to trust what you’re putting in your body and who made it. At Aster Farms we don’t just care about our plants and the planet, we care about our community. We are active in the fight for social justice in the cannabis industry, supporting the equity community, mentoring and contributing resources as well as practicing those very ethos inside our company beginning with our hiring practices. We are thankful for you joining us in this big adventure. See you out there.