John Andrle is Founder & Owner of L’Eagle, an award-winning Clean Green Certified sustainable dispensary and cultivation facility established in 2010. 
Mr. Andrle oversees all business operations at L’Eagle, from seed to sale. He leads hiring of management-level staff that develop and refine standard operating procedures and best practices for the vertically integrated cultivation facility, extraction lab and dispensary retail location. He directs all aspects of production and facilities management. Outside of L’Eagle, Mr. Andrle consults on various cannabis projects utilizing his experience and network to advance upcoming markets and providing new businesses with a competitive edge. 
At L’Eagle, Mr. Andrle has made a conscious choice to hire only degreed horticulture and agricultural scientists as cultivation leads. Every grower at L’Eagle has professional experience in certified organic food production. This experienced team has been crucial to Mr. Andrle’s mission of establishing and maintaining organic best practices and strict standards for L’Eagle’s cannabis, as well as educating consumers and encouraging them to hold the same standards for cannabis as the food they consume.
L’Eagle’s dedication to customer service and production of (third party certified) organically cultivated and long-cured cannabis flower and artisan infused products is rooted in Mr. Andrle’s extensive background in hospitality and fine dining. He began his career in the restaurant industry, eventually working his way into the upscale restaurant scenes in Vail and Denver, and co-owning a restaurant along the way. He envisioned a dispensary that catered to discerning tastes and meticulous service found in the world of fine wine and healthy farm-to-table restaurants, and parlayed his fine-dining experience to launch a business centered on offering the highest quality cannabis products and unparalleled customer education and service. 
Mr. Andrle and his wife, Amy, are leaders in the clean cannabis movement. The duo has been featured in Rolling Stone, Bloomberg, High Times, Leafly, National Geographic, Cannabis Business Times, Modern Farmer and Marijuana Business Magazine, among others. L’Eagle was named “Best Dispensary in Colorado” by Leafly in 2017 and The Cannabist in (2018) and Leafly (2017), as well as “Most Sustainable Cannabis Producer” by Terpenes and Testing Magazine (in 2018).