A leading CO₂ proponent with a passion for innovation, Jesse Turner brings a wide-ranging breadth of experience to Green Mill Supercritical as Director of Research & Development. In his role, Turner provides the vision to advance Green Mill’s CO₂ technology, innovative spirit and competitive advantage. With a background in both cannabis and hemp extraction using a variety of solvents, Turner is particularly interested in uncovering how CO₂ extraction methods can be manipulated to provide increased efficiencies while optimizing and maximizing throughput. Before joining Green Mill full time, Turner contributed as a member of the GMS Advisory Board.

Turner earned his credentials while operating labs for major industry brands, including Willie’s Reserve and Charlotte’s Web – where he became a CO₂ convert after working with ethanol his first six months on the job. As an independent extraction lab consultant, Turner’s constant innovation and focus on pushing the limits of  CO₂ earned him a reputation as one of the industry’s primary drivers of innovation. As Green Mill’s Director of R&D, Turner serves as the face and voice of the company’s innovative spirit, supporting the manufacturing process as well as refining the Green Mill Supercritical product line. He will oversee experiments and feasibility studies on Green Mill’s products, data generation and analysis for externally published articles, as well as assist in marketing efforts. In addition, Turner will be responsible for growing Green Mill’s lab design business, intended as a custom solution for the production of refined botanical oils.

Turner holds a Bachelor of  Science in Biology from Metropolitan State University of Denver. When he’s not developing new ways to increase efficiencies of CO₂ extraction, you can find Turner at his local road course pushing his modified Tesla to the limits. He is trying to qualify for and compete in a “time attack” race using an electric vehicle to compete against other combustion engine automobiles for the best lap time. He can also be found hanging out with his twin daughters and enjoying the great Colorado outdoors.