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Heather Richmond is a Native American woman from the Prairie Band Potawatomi tribe and is an expert business development executive and key player in the Hemp industry, both in the U.S. and abroad. Her impact has been notable and includes opening Central Oregon’s first dispensary, serving as an Executive Director for NORML, she served as the CEO of one of the top premier industry influencer events, and has owned and operated a 50,000 sq. ft. cannabis manufacturing facility. Heather also helped design, organize, promote, and facilitated the approval of the first cannabis event at the world famous Greek Theater.  

Ms. Richmond helped raise money for large-scale cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution companies around the globe, and has been a managing partner in several full vertical ventures in Asia, Africa, and Central America. By utilizing her extensive experience and far-reaching network, Heather helps companies build strategic relationships with others in the Hemp and sustainability industry and identifies creative opportunities for incremental growth both nationally and internationally.  

Ms. Richmond is in the process of facilitating the first Hemp pulp processing facilities on her Native grounds of Potawatomi to create biodegradable and compostable packaging solutions. This facility will be producing hemp sustainable packaging products.  Our focus is to create earth friendly products while creating jobs and promoting our indigenous communities.