With nearly two decades of experience advocating for and producing CBD oil, Harvey Craig is a leading expert in the production of high-quality, terpene-focused CBD hemp oil. In 2015, Harvey founded Harvey’s All Naturals, a producer of premium farm-to-table full spectrum CBD products. The Leadville, Colorado-based company is supported by a network of small-scale farms from across Colorado and uses only the best quality hemp flower oil. Harvey is responsible for leading the company’s development of long and short-term strategies, product development, resource management, and being the primary voice of the company. 

Harvey’s hemp industry experience also includes co-founding Boot Ranch Farms, located in Colorado’s San Luis Valley. The ranch produces organic, sustainably farmed CBD products. Powered 100% by solar energy, the off-the-grid farm also uses artisanal well water. As a founder of two companies producing CBD hemp oil, Harvey is committed to CBD oil production consistent with a “respect of the plant” philosophy and the social justice movement associated with hemp and cannabis plants. 

Harvey holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. While studying at UMass Amherst, Harvey was a community organizer for the Cannabis Reform Coalition.