Franny Tacy, CEO of Franny’s Farmacy, is the first female hemp farmer in
North Carolina in over 75 years. Franny first entered the hemp scene with
a force behind education and collaborations. She is now considered one
of the preeminent experts of all things hemp, participates in the hemp
Research Trials with North Carolina State University, has a TEDx speech on
hemp, and is a founding member of the Women in Hemp non-profit.

As an inspiring farmer who’s developed into a catalyst for the U.S. hemp
scene, Franny has developed Franny’s Farmacy into a vertically integrated
brand involved in growing, processing, manufacturing, distributing, and
franchising with eight CBD dispensaries across four states – all with the
intention to deliver easy and safe access to quality products from seed to
shelf, with an emphasis on hemp and health.

After moving to Asheville, NC in 1999, Franny purchased raw land
in 2012 that she built into what is now called Franny’s Farm. Since
then, she has managed to transform that land into the heart and soul
of Franny’s brand. Franny’s Farm now serves as an agritourism hub,
welcoming visitors from all over the world to stay and enjoy the lodging
experience, celebrate a farm wedding, participate in goat yoga, and so
much more. Franny has degrees and work experience in Forestry and
Education and worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over a decade.