ECAP TECH is the 1st&Only one manufacturer in the market who rolles out and mass produces 100% Cotton Free/Heavy metal Free Full Ceramic Cartridge. And the products passed through strict CA heavy metal test.

ECAP’s patented ceramic technology quietly lies at the heart of millions of vaporizers worldwide. 

Our R&D team has over 15 years of expertise in the manufacturing of ceramic heating elements and coil atomizers used in the electronics, vaporizers and home appliance industries. 

Since ECAP’s founding in 2011, our core ceramic technology has emerged at the forefront of vaporizer atomization performance and is trusted among the industry’s largest brands for delivering consistent reliability and consumer safety. Product includes ceramic coil by customization, Cotton free full ceramic carts, Cotton free disposable Pod and Palm battery etc. 

ECAP’s manufacturing facility in Dongguan, China covers 15,000 sq. meters

  • 50+ Million monthly ceramic atomizer capacity 
  • 3+ Million monthly product capacity
  • 60 Closed System Kilns reaching over 650°C
  • 3 Open System Kilns reaching over 1,100 °C
  • 2 R&D Labs for ceramic and product development

Today, ECAP is dedicated to innovating the next generation of ceramic atomizers and vaporizer devices to meet the growing demand for new E-Liquid, CBD and other Cannabinoid based products.