Dave’s execution of successful high technology projects and innovative concepts spans over three decades including aerospace, energy, healthcare, software, telecom, artificial intelligence and large-scale digital transformation through the development of hardware and software solutions. Dave currently is leading one of the only Sustainable Building Products companies Just BioFiber, and is developing the long-term vision to bring Regenerative Development and Design models to global real-estate through the Place Fund, Life AI’s Digital City Operating System and the development of a regenerative development consortium.

He started his first software company in college, a computer aided seismic interpretation system for Shell Offshore, Inc. His career really “launched” when he began working for United Technologies division for the Space Shuttle program whose pioneering technology to test and reuse the solid rocket boosters which remained in operations for over 25-years. Moving to Colorado, Dave co-founded the Space Technology Laboratory and was a contributor to the development of the Pegasus rocket system and awarded the United States’ highest engineering honor, the National Medal of Technology, in 1991.

Dave also built AI based systems for telecom and was the CTO and COO of several startups including NetDelivery Corp, Skill Survey, and the Global Healthcare Exchange. Dave has always been on the innovation side of the business and has several patents and has invented many new approaches, technology and business models.