Austin has spent the last 5+ years working in various operational roles in the licensed cannabis industry in Colorado, and has spent over a decade working within the Colorado cannabis community.

Taking startup opportunities with organizations like Shift Cannabis and MJARDIN provided Austin with the opportunity to play a critical role in the development and operation of world-class extraction and cultivation facilities. Having spent a lifetime in team sports, he brings a “team first” mindset to the operational space and enjoys building purposeful cannabis ops teams that strive for operational excellence using EOS/Kaizen/Lean/Six Sigma business practices.

Having an educational background in business and marketing, Austin looks to blend the two worlds of high performance business and cannabis culture in a way that respects the grassroots nature of this industry while also looking to capitalize on the incredible opportunity this newly legal market has offered to young professionals like himself.

His “why” for cannabis is very clear: Austin believes this plant has the potential to change the world for the better and he feels fulfilled spending his days contributing to the advancement of this industry and community!