Annie Holman, originally from Maine, (with a strong sea-faring connection, and saltwater in her veins) — is the owner, CEO, and CMO of The Galley, a Cannabis Co-Manufacturing facility in Santa Rosa, CA. With 25 successful years as a prior owner of a Graphic Design/PR firm, Annie knows how to cultivate thriving business alliances.

Her interest in the Cannabis industry began when her good friend bet on exactly the right horse in the 2015 Kentucky Derby. This resulted in a boatload of cash. Her friend handed over her winnings and said, “lets start a medical cannabis bakery”. So they did. California-based Derby Bakery Cannabis Edibles was born.

Derby Bakery produced high-end products, claimed awards, and won numerous “Emerald Cup – Best Edibles” honors. They also swept up first and second place prizes from “Edibles List – Best of Awards.”

Annie’s latest endeavor is The Galley. Its nautical name invokes images of tall ships, mermaids and sea-lore, which both captivates and resonates with her. Annie connects deeply with all things related to water. She likes diving in headfirst, swimming to the other side, drying herself off and starting all over again.

On Shore: The Galley’s impressive 8,300 ft. facility is a one-stop-manufacturing-shop. With a large-scale commercial kitchen, production runs of cannabis edibles, candy, chocolate, topicals and tinctures, small beverages and beauty products roll off the line daily.

Value-added services range from R&D to formulations and recipe creation. Package design and sourcing, label compliance review, SOP writing and product storage is offered as well. The Galley holds a Type N Manufacturing and Type 11 distribution license, (to assist their customers to fulfill their products to retail). In addition, they are registered as a Type S Shared Space.

Living in Sonoma County CA, for 38 years, Annie Holman fully embraces life and has fun with it. She is a free spirit in the most wonderful of ways. With her natural charm and charisma Annie is a born leader, which serves her well as she launches the Galley on the next leg of what is sure to be a very exciting and fulfilling voyage.

Contact her directly for your Cannabis manufacturing or distribution needs or any sea-worthy questions at