Amy Andrle is Co-owner and Founder of L’Eagle Services, a sustainable recreational dispensary, MIP, and cultivation facility specializing in organically grown cannabis. Established in 2010, L’Eagle Services was an early adopter of organic agricultural best practices and standards, as well as superior consumer education. L’Eagle was awarded the City and County of Denver Department of Environmental Health’s first Certified Green Business designation for a cannabis company. L’Eagle is the only Denver recreational cultivation and dispensary to be Clean Green certified, the No. 1 certification nationally for cannabis cultivated using sustainable, natural and organically based practices. 

Today, in addition to being a mother and running day-to-day operations for L’Eagle, Amy actively participates in outreach by contributing her time serving on the City of Denver’s Cannabis Sustainability Work Group, and as a founding board member of the Cannabis Certification Council. She also provides consulting services for legal marijuana companies looking to improve quality and sustainability in their operations. 

Amy, a Cuban-American Spanish speaker, was named a 2017 Most Important Woman in Cannabis by Cannabis Business Executive.