For Flora Terra Founder & COO, Alicia Wingard, advancing the cannabis movement is nothing new. 

Born in Humboldt County and raised in Mendocino, Alicia is a longtime advocate for the powerful flower and its progressive community. Having worked at a headshop in 2001, she has always aspired to connect people to the healing properties of cannabis — but state laws lagged far behind her.

Migrating to Sonoma County in 2002, Alicia spent several years climbing the corporate ladder before going back to school and becoming a Registered Nurse. Once California laws finally caught up with its culture, Alicia and her husband jumped on the opportunity to open a legal cannabis business.

For Alicia, the pivot from RN to COO of Flora Terra was an easy one. Marrying her passions of legitimizing the industry while positively impacting the community’s health, she is making great strides in bringing the holistic qualities of cannabis to light; and making her dream of being a Certified Cannabis Nurse a reality. Through Flora Terra, Alicia aspires to shift the perception towards cannabis, elevate the dialogue and provide education. She is leading the way in destigmatizing the budding industry by creating an inviting and open space for the community to gather and learn.