Adam transitioned into the cannabis industry after working in real estate and sustainability. Over the last five years, he has worked in operations from caregiver centers to provisioning centers as well as for industry leading SaaS companies Treez and Leaf Logix. He’s launched over 20 retail locations, training both front and back of house staff from CA to MI with notable locations such as Barbary Coast in San Francisco, Sundialed in Ukiah, CA and all of the Lume and Skymint stores in Michigan as of September 2020. 

When the original MMFLA rules were written in 2017, he advised the State of Michigan as part of the 20-member Cultivation Work Group and is a board member of the non-profit Cannabis Certification Council, which is creating standards for clean cannabis, regularly shares industry best practices and is developing an Organically Grown Certification. Currently the Director of Sales and Client Relations for Six Labs, a licensed cultivator and processor in Michigan, he is working to educate staff and customers around the state and release many brands into the market in 2021.