The company’s roots in cannabis cultivation date back to the ‘80s, when co-founder Dennis Hunter first taught himself how to grow cannabis as a young adult in Mendocino county and he has remained a pillar in the cannabis community since. CannaCraft co-founders Ned Fussell and Dennis Hunter set out to make the world happier and healthier through cannabis.

In 2014, Hunter created CannaCraft with Ned Fussell, a fellow cannabis advocate, and lifetime cultivator. This authentic connection to the plant and commitment to ensuring safe cannabis be available to all who need it has been a guiding principle for CannaCraft since the start.

As lifetime cultivators, the two had an insider perspective on cannabis trends and they both noticed an infusion of new customers turning to the plant for recreational and medicinal purposes.

To best serve the new landscape of needs, the founders decided to create easy-to-use products that could be enjoyed by both experienced and novice cannabis users.

By partnering with leading cannabis researchers and incorporating cutting-edge manufacturing equipment and techniques from the pharmaceutical, beauty, and food & beverage industries, CannaCraft created markets for some of the most popular cannabis products that we see today like 100% cannabis oil vape pens, microdosed edibles, and CBD:THC ratio products.

Today the company has over 200 products with best-selling items in major categories including sublinguals, soft gel capsules, vape cartridges, beverages, flower and candies.

This robust portfolio is supported by state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, in-house R&D, and statewide distribution all operating out of CannaCraft’s over 40,0002 ft. facility in Sonoma County.

Ned and Dennis’ commitment to customer wellbeing and education reshaped the way people think about and use cannabis products and helped move the cannabis industry from the shadows, into the mainstream spotlight that cannabis garners today.