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What’s Your Agenda?

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Day 1, June 22, 2021

All Times Pacific

8:00-9:00am | Expo Hall Open!
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Update on the SAFE Banking Act and Cannabis Industry Impacts
On April 19, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act. The SAFE Banking Act will next move to the Senate. If the Senate votes to pass the bill, the SAFE Banking Act would allow financial institutions to provide services to cannabis clients without fear of federal penalties by establishing a safe harbor for depository institutions doing business with cannabis clients. However, the Senate’s stance on the bill is not yet clear. Get an update on this important act directly from its Congressional sponsor, as well as insights into how passage (or not) will impact your cannabis business.
Congressman Ed Perlmutter, Colorado 7th District | U.S. House of Representatives

9:45-10:15am  |  Emerge Quick Hits Sessions

Auditorium A: Concentrates & Extracts Track
Terpenes in Cannabis Manufacturing
Take an insightful look at the latest terpenes tech, how to get the most out of terpenes, and the best practices for incorporating terpenes in your process and products. Great foundation to your time in the Concentrates Track!
Nadav Eyal, Founder & CEO | Eybna

Auditorium B: Cannabis Business Compliance Track
Cannabis Banking & Payment Compliance Update
BIG banking info download! Get an update on the most significant regulations in recent months that affect cannabis banking and payments, current roadblocks in cannabis banking, and what options businesses have to remain compliant as they collect payments, pay bills and employees, and more!
Moderator: Daniel Greene, Esquire | Beckage Law
Panel: Kim Carter, VP, Special Projects | Partner Colorado Credit Union; Thomas Gavin, CEO | CannaTrac Technology

Auditorium C: Cannabis Advocacy Update Track
Not All Equity is Equal: Creating an Equitable Cannabis Industry
Equity regulations are designed to make sure disenfranchised communities are being given equitable, but not equal, access to this highly lucrative industry. These initiatives are only as equitable as the industry that supports them; we all have a role in ensuring this generation of cannabis entrepreneurs, investors, creators, and owners are successful. Learn how cannabis companies can partner with regulators to create effective Social Equity programs for long-term success, develop local partnerships, and provide tangible business opportunities to underrepresented entrepreneurs.
Meredith Mahoney, President | Lantern

10:30-11:15am  |  Emerge Deep Dive Sessions

Auditorium A: Concentrates & Extracts Track
Extraction Methods: Differences, Marketability and Demand
Get the lowdown on cannabis extraction! We’ll talk ethanol, CO2, and hydrocarbons from A to Z: basic chemistry, environmental impacts and efficiency, cost and marketability, and infusion into products.
Katie Stem, CEO | Peak Extracts

Auditorium B: Cannabis Business Compliance Track
Cultivation & Compliance Requirements
Cultivation compliance update! We’ll talk OSHA concerns, testing issues, product recalls, helpful certifications, and how to start compliant from the beginning of your grow operation. Bring your cultivation compliance questions!
Moderator: Andrew Wood, Database & Business Development Manager | ASI Food Safety
Panel: Caleb Johnson, Director of Customer Success | Terra Vera; Kelly O’Connor, Key Accounts, Sales Director | Columbia Laboratories; Kim Stuck, Founder & CEO | Allay Consulting; Ryan Douglas, Founder | Ryan Douglas Cultivation

Auditorium C: Cannabis Advocacy Update Track
Medical Cannabis Advocacy & Advances
The fight to move medical marijuana off the Schedule I drug list will definitely include big pharma, eventual exclusive marketing rights, and exorbitant costs – all red flags to the cannabis industry and its history of self-medication, compassionate care, and collaboration. We’ll discuss the efforts being made with legislators, the FDA, and the insurance industry, and why partnering with the federal government, insurance companies and universities could actually be moving the needle to normalization, legalization, and incorporation of cannabis culture values.

Moderator: Jillian Reddish, Co-Founder | Global Cannabis Network Collective
Panel: Fleta Solomon, Managing Director | Little Green Pharma; Mariela Canabal, Founder/Co-Owner | Rosebud Cannabis; Roz McCarthy, Founder & CEO | Minorities for Medical Marijuana

11:15-11:45am | Exhibitor Giveaways in the Expo Halls!
Hang out with the amazing Emerge Exhibitors in the Expo Hall Pavilions and watch the announcements board for your name in the first round of giveaways!

11:45am-12:15pm  |  Emerge Quick Hits Sessions

Auditorium A: Concentrates & Extracts Track
Cannabis to Concentrate: The ABSTRAX Discovery
After two years of extensive research at their Type 7 licensed research and manufacturing lab ABSTRAX has identified, extracted, and studied over 500 compounds native to cannabis that impart the gassy, dank, skunky aroma. Learn how the ABSTRAX team used three-dimensional analysis of this research to improve their extraction technology and create a collection of THC-free terpene blends that can be used as a functional flavor – for beer, food and beverage, vape and tincture blends – that is affordable, authentic, and available to ship internationally.
Kevin Koby, Founding Partner & CSO | ABSTRAX

Auditorium B: Cannabis Business Compliance Track
Business Focus: BizBoxes
BizBoxes provides a touchless, controlled substance vending experience to meet the shifting cannabis market of self-serve consumers, as well as new entrepreneurs with limited start-up capital or other inequalities. Learn how BizBoxes manages social consumption compliance issues as they partner with dispensaries, entertainment venues, and more.
Moderator: Patricia Miller, Managing Editor | Cannabis & Tech Today
Featuring Elsbeth Hurry, Founder & CEO | BizBoxes

Auditorium C: Cannabis Advocacy Update Track
Cannabis Industry Sustainability: The Aster Farms Report
Get the latest overview of cannabis industry sustainability, including water usage, greenhouse gases, solid waste, energy use, and community partnership.
Julia Jacobson, Co-Founder & CEO | Aster Farms

12:30-1:15pm  |  Emerge Deep Dive Sessions

Auditorium A: Concentrates & Extracts Track
Concentrates Technology: Nanotech Applications and Safety
Nanoemulsion solve two cannabis concentrate problems: bioavailability and water solubility. However, many questions have arisen around the safety of this process, and limited studies have been done to explore the issue. Join this discussion on opportunities, testing, and next steps for nanotech in cannabis concentrates.

Moderator: Bruce Eckfeldt, Founder & CEO | Eckfeldt  & Assoc. + Podcast Host | Thinking Outside the Bud
Panel: Dr. Christopher Shade, Founder & CEO | Quicksilver Scientific; Dr. Monica Vialpando, Founder & CEO | Via Innovations; Nick Tennant, Founder & CTO | Precision Extraction Solutions

Auditorium B: Cannabis Business Compliance Track
Legally Compliant Cannabis Social Media Strategy that Gets Results!
Get a cannabis social media blueprint to market your brand legally and effectively! Understand language and regulations, how to find your audience, and why not all social channels make sense for cannabis marketing.
Amy Donohue, Founder | Hybrid Social

Auditorium C: Cannabis Advocacy Update Track
Military Veterans in Cannabis Business and Advocacy
Armed forces veterans have been advocating for cannabis use as an alternative to sometimes harmful big pharma treatments for PTSD and other post-service injuries. They are also getting into the business side of cannabis in a big way! This panel of veterans will share their experiences entering the cannabis space, how their training prepared them to meet the challenges of this industry, and how they are advocating by starting up their own grows, dispensaries, and more.
Moderator: Charles Warner, Editor in Chief | Cannabis & Tech Today
Panel: Aaron Newsom, Co-Founder | Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance; Socrates Rosenfeld, Co-Founder & CEO | Jane Technologies

1:30-2:00pm | AUDITORIUM B – CHRIS DAY
The REAL Future of Cannabis (Beyond Propaganda and On to Business)
Cannabis developments in the U.S. are exciting, but the world outside our borders is continuing to pull away from us in legislating and regulating cannabis business. In this wake-up call keynote, we’ll discuss how lagging behind in approaches to banking, the fracturing of the U.S. market discussion into recreational vs medical, and the conflicting American cannabis culture that generally ignores the rest of the world can severely impact the financial potential of U.S. cannabis growers and trade over the long haul.
Moderator: Charles Warner, Editor in Chief | Cannabis & Tech Today
Featuring Chris Day, Founder | Global Cannabis Network Collective

Day 2, June 23, 2021

All Times Pacific

8:00-9:00am | Expo Hall Open!
Day Two of amazing Emerge exhibitor resources and giveaways in the Expo Hall Pavilions!

The Stoners vs The Suits: Building a Bridge Between Activism & Capitalism
It’s time for us “stoners” to be open to wearing and being with the “suits,” and it’s time for the “suits” to reject Prohibition 2.0 and invite “stoners” and underrepresented communities into one large legal market. Together, we can truly create a brand new industry that conforms with the values the cannabis plant teaches us.
Andrew DeAngelo, Cannabis Industry Consultant and Strategic Advisor, Co-Founder of Harborside

9:45-10:30am  |  Emerge Deep Dive Sessions

Auditorium A: Concentrates & Extracts Track
Pushing the Limits: What’s Next in Extractions
The popularity of cannabis extract products has exploded over the past 18 months–and BDS Analytics reports that retail sales of cannabis concentrates are expected to reach $8 billion by 2022. This is terrific news for companies manufacturing these products, businesses making extraction machinery, cannabis retailers and of course, consumers. But for those tasked with producing all the extract required to create edibles, tinctures, concentrates and other products, the effort to meet this increased demand brings a fair amount of anxiety. This panel will discuss how pushing the limits of cannabis extraction will result in efficiency, cost savings and product versatility when we need it most.
Moderator: Ethan Hogle, Entrepreneurial Assistant | Knot Plastic
Panel: Jesse Turner, Director of Research & Development | Green Mill Supercritical; Michelle Jun, Head of Sales | Green Mill Supercritical; Russell Thomas, CEO | NES IP Holdings; Sean Kennedy, Product Manager | Purolite

Auditorium B: Cannabis Business Compliance Track
Canna Manufacturing Compliance Continuum: From Field to Label
Cannabis manufacturing compliance update! Bring your questions for our panel of experts as they discuss what regulators look for in manufacturing facilities, what new manufacturers and facilities in newly legal states should be considering, and certifications that can help your facility pass compliance. Plus, forecasting changes to manufacturing post-federal legalization!
Moderator: Wes Burk, President | Emerald Scientific
Panel: Andrew Samann, Founder & CEO | Orion GMP Solutions; Kelly O’Connor, Key Accounts, Sales Director | Columbia Laboratories; Kim Stuck, Founder & CEO | Allay Consulting; Sheri Tarr, Founder & Chief Advisor | ’68PARTNERS

Auditorium C: Cannabis Advocacy Update Track
The Travel and Cannabis Intersection: Advocacy and Opportunity
The travel industry accounts for 10.3% of the global economy and National research shows that the Cannabis Travel Audience segment in the United States accounts for 18% of all adults and 29% of the Active Leisure Travel Audience – a highly sought after traveler profile. As the travel industry rebounds back from the pandemic, cannabis brands and operators are waking up to the power of being a preferred partner of the Travel Industry. Bring your questions as we explore advocacy at the intersection of cannabis and travel, and share some of the opportunities available now that can differentiate your brand and grow your business. Get the update on this double-duty cannabis business channel!
Brian Applegarth, Founder | Cannabis Travel Association

10:45-11:15am  |  Emerge Quick Hits Sessions

Auditorium A: Concentrates & Extracts Track
Leveraging Solventless Concentrates: How to Attract Influencers & Connoisseurs
In today’s competitive cannabis concentrates and infused product markets, differentiating your brand’s SKU lineup is essential to stand out. In this data-filled session, we’ll walk you through the steps every company should take to leverage solventless products to win over the highest value customers out there.
Josh Rutherford, Founder | PurePressure

Auditorium B: Cannabis Business Compliance Track
Hemp Derived CBD Compliance: Regulatory & Commercial Considerations
Ingredients derived from Cannabis sativa L. with no more than 0.3% THC are federally legal in all 50 states. However, FDA has authority over consumer products that marketers want to add CBD to as an ingredient. This presentation will provide an update on FDA’s patchwork of regulations for conventional food and drink, dietary supplements, and topical CBD products with an emphasis on industry best practices in areas of rapidly evolving FDA policy.

Dr. Duffy MacKay, SVP Scientific & Regulatory Affairs | CV Sciences

Auditorium C: Cannabis Advocacy Update Track
Cannabis Business Equity and Legal Considerations
The integration of social equity measures into a general permitting process can strengthen the evolution of a state level cannabis marketplace. We’ll take a look at the recently passed bill and pending regulatory landscape emerging in New Mexico along with several other examples of policy innovations from around the country, as well as consider what constitutes social equity provisions and setting up equity licensees for success.
Shoshanna Silverberg, Principal | HTK Consulting

11:15-11:30am | Exhibitor Giveaways in the Expo Halls!
Hang out with the amazing Emerge Exhibitors in the Expo Hall Pavilions and watch for your name in the second round of giveaways!

11:30am-12:15pm  |  Emerge Deep Dive Sessions

Auditorium A: Concentrates & Extracts Track
Waxes, Shatters, and Hash Resins: Why They’re Still Cool (and In Demand)
While new extractions are grabbing a lot of attention, the OGs of the concentrates world are still in demand by consumers! Get an update on new varieties and effects, and discuss what’s next for development and selling of these concentrates.
Moderator: Bruce Eckfeldt, Founder & CEO | Eckfeldt  & Assoc. + Podcast Host | Thinking Outside the Bud
Panel: Darwin Millard, Owner/Founder | TSOC; Katie Stem, CEO | Peak Extracts; Kellan Finney, Co-Founder & CSO | Eighth Revolution

Auditorium B: Cannabis Business Compliance Track
Cannabis Marketing Customer Journey: Strategy, Tactics, and Compliance
Customer experience at every step of their interactions with your brand sets the stage for loyalty and repeat buys. Learn why customer experience design is critical to building your community, and how to apply, measure, and evolve your strategy at every touch point. This is foundational cannabis marketing and brand building information!
Laura Hand, CEO | Laura Loo Experience Design

Auditorium C: Cannabis Advocacy Update Track
Change is Coming: An Update from Last Prisoner Project
The Last Prisoner Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform. Join this session for an update on their mission and vision, LPP Direct Service Program Updates, and LPP Policy Initiatives & Positions. Plus we’ll discuss LPP’s outlook on local, state, tribal and federal cannabis policy & criminal justice reforms in the coming years, and ways to get involved with LPP and other advocacy efforts.
Moderator: Anna Symonds, Chief Communications Officer | East Fork Cultivars
Featuring Natalie Papillion, Director of Strategic Initiatives | Last Prisoner Project

12:30-1:00pm  |  Emerge Quick Hits Sessions

Auditorium A: Concentrates & Extracts Track
Common Scents: Sniffing Out Terpenes and BS in the Cannabis Industry
The cannabis industry continues to rely on Indica/Sativa/hybrid to denote the supposed effects of their products. In fact, terpenes and cannabinoids lead to these effects! This session lays out the science of terpenes and their effects, as well as discussing problematic product claims.
Kristen Yoder, CEO | Soil to the Oil

Auditorium B: Cannabis Business Compliance Track
Cannabis Taxation Compliance: 280E Changes
Recent Court opinions have both broadened the scope of cannabis businesses that may be subject to Section 280E and narrowed the time at which a 280E business is impacted by that code. The result is a legal landscape that has changed dramatically from where it was two years ago, leading to industry entity planning that may be a ticking tax time bomb. Get the facts and options to make sure your business is prepared!
Nick Richards, Partner | Greenspoon Marder LLP

Auditorium C: Cannabis Advocacy Update Track
Cannabis Normalization: Higher Education Degrees and Opportunities
A degree in cannabis? Yes! Join this session to learn why and how Colorado State University-Pueblo set up their (non-THC) cannabis biology and chemistry program, the career outcomes students can expect, why STEM is critical for the cannabis industry, and how integrating cannabis into university studies can decrease the stigma around the plant.
Dr. Chad Kinney, Professor of Chemistry | CSU-Pueblo; Dr. David Lehmpuhl, Interim Dean of the College of STEM | CSU-Pueblo

1:00-2:00pm | AUDITORIUM B
Cannabis Investor Pitch Contest
Watch as up-and-coming canna companies make their pitch for access to industry investment influencers!
Moderated by Geoff Trotter, Chief Growth Officer & Co-Founder | Regennabis and Peter Vogel, CEO | Leafwire
Judging Panel: Celia Daly, Director of Operations | Poseidon Partners; David Hess, Co-Founder & President | TRESS Capital LLC; Kellie Seringer, Portfolio Manager | Symmetry Capital LLC

Day 3, June 24, 2021

All Times Pacific

8:00-9:00am | Expo Hall Open!
Final day to meet the Emerge exhibitors and enter for amazing giveaways!

National Cannabis Party Panel Discussion
The National Cannabis Party is the first ever Presidential Electoral Party *for the industry* registered with the Federal Elections Commission. Learn more about the NCP mission to develop industry growth, champion industry legacy, and promote equity and empowerment. 
Featuring National Cannabis Party Leaders:
Andrew Behringer, NCP Co-Founder & Director of Policy and Advocacy
Kamea LaFontaine, NCP Emerging Technologies Board of Directors
Priscilla Agoncillo, NCP President
Redman: NCP Co-Founder
Sephida Artis: NCP Co-Founder & National Director

9:45-10:15am  |  Emerge Quick Hits

Auditorium A: Concentrates & Extracts Track
Cannabis Vape Products vs Congress: Resolving the Shipping Ban
As part of the COVID economic relief package meant to help the economy, the PACT Act was revised in the dead of night and slipped into the back of the bill to include a point to ban shipping of ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery System) devices, and simultaneously identified such a device in the law as anything that was vaporized as a nicotine product. FedEx, DHL and UPS announced they’d end shipping of vape pens, effectively eliminating the ability to transport what were legal products. This is still in limbo and unresolved but the cannabis industry has risen up and stalled the forward movement for now. Join this session to discuss how regulators are working to prevent the demise of the vape market, the need for professional collaboration, the fluidity of regulations, and strategies for business resilience.

Moderator: Chris Day, Founder | Global Cannabis Network Collective
Featuring Tami Wahl, Government Affairs & Public Policy Advisor

Auditorium B: Cannabis Business Compliance Track
Business Focus: Dama Distributing
Dama Distributing is pioneering the development of sustainable and home compostable compliant packaging for the cannabis and hemp industries. Learn more about Dama’s business plan, how they meet compliance standards, and next steps for plastics reduction in the industry.

Moderator: Patricia Miller, Managing Editor | Cannabis & Tech Today
Featuring Cole Gibbs, Founder & CEO, Dama Distributing

Auditorium C: Cannabis Advocacy Update Track
Summer Emerge Blazers & Blazers with the NACB and EMC!
National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB) and Emerging Markets Coalition (EMC) bring their lively interactive Blazers & Blazers webinar to Emerge! Join this special session where this time, the Blazers will be NACB’s Gina Kranwinkel and EMC’s Kirsten Trusko, as they discuss their organizations, goals for Blazers & Blazers and why collaboration between these industries is so important. Blazers & Blazers is NACB’s monthly webinar with EMC, their financial services/banking partner, which brings together cannabis industry Blazers and financial services/banking Blazers. The event focuses on cannabis banking best practices, cash management strategies, and other cannabis financial topics.

Moderator: Geoff Gallegos, Research Attorney | NACB
Featuring: Gina Kranwinkel, President & CEO | NACB and Kirsten Trusko, CEO & Co-Founder | EmergingMarketsCoalition (EMC)

10:30-11:15am  |  Emerge Deep Dive Sessions

Auditorium A: Concentrates & Extracts Track
Cannabis Concentrates: Potency, Safety, and Discretion
As legalization moves forward, local and national resistance has begun centering on controlling product potency (Colorado HB1317 for example). How can we continue to move forward while addressing this pushback positively and decisively? Join this discussion on product potency, public policy, talking points to tackle conversations with customers, general public, and lawmakers, and suggestions on next steps. We’ll also touch on public consumption and safety as well as illicit market impacts.
Moderator: Ben Gelt, Co-Founder | Cannabis Certification Council
Panel: Dr. Eric Exelbert, Founder | ExAlt Med; Jim Makoso, CEO | Flowe Technology; Mladen Barbaric, CEO & Founder | Airgraft; Truman Bradley, Executive Director | Marijuana Industry Group

Auditorium B: Cannabis Business Compliance Track
Retail & Dispensary Compliance: Tools, Tech, and Tactics
The rules for cannabis retail and dispensaries continue to shift as more states legalize and consumption increases. Get the skinny from our panel of retail compliance experts, including addressing challenges pre-operation, day-to-day operational compliance, using technology to remain compliant with inventory, employees, and customer information, plus best practices for multi-state operators.
Moderator: Matt Ritchey, CEO | Mr. Cannabis and Co-Host | Inner Circle
Panel: Cree Robinson, Co-Founder | touCanna; Heather Sullivan, Licensing Manager/Legal | Curaleaf

Auditorium C: Cannabis Advocacy Update Track
Cannabis Industry Inclusion Update
Learn about the latest inclusion initiatives for the cannabis industry, and how MSOs, entrepreneurs, and community coalitions can work together.
Moderator: Ru Johnson, Director of Communications | Cannabis Certification Council
Panel: Ernest Toney, Founder | BIPOCANN; Ngiste Abebe, VP of Public Policy | Columbia Care

11:30am-12:00pm  |  Emerge Quick Hits Sessions

Auditorium A: Concentrates & Extracts Track
STM Canna Manufacturing Report
The grinding and prep stage of cannabis processing is often the step that receives the least attention or concern during manufacturing. Join the team at STM Canna to learn how they discovered a grinding process that preserves cannabis chemistry and maintains peak terpene and cannabinod profiles!
Christopher Mendoza, Technical Support Associate | STM Canna and Jessica
Ferranti, EVP & Chief Revenue Officer | STM Canna

Auditorium B: Cannabis Business Compliance Track
Vaping and Federal Legalization: Consumer Safety, Testing, and Why You’re Not Ready
The lack of standardized emissions testing and consumer safety is already problematic for cannabis vaping products, but things will get worse after federal legalization! Many cannabis companies don’t realize that legalization may knock a high percentage of them completely out of the market. Once cannabis is federally legal, federal regulatory agencies like the FDA come in, and many products will not pass testing at this level to be deemed safe for consumers. So, now what? Join this discussion and bring your questions so you can be prepared for the future of cannabis!
Corey Mangold, CEO | Orchid Ventures

Auditorium C: Cannabis Advocacy Update Track
Minority Business Focus: Hala Hemp
Hala Hemp is a black- and woman-owned CBD brand dedicated to philanthropy. 5% of each sale is donated to Last Prisoner Project. Learn how Hala Hemp structured their business model to promote creativity, support social justice and further community education.

Moderator: Patricia Miller, Managing Editor | Cannabis & Tech Today
Featuring Mahala Herron-Rutland, Founder | Hala Hemp

12:15-1:00pm  |  Emerge Deep Dive Sessions

Auditorium A: Concentrates & Extracts Track
Counterfeiting Cannabis: Marketing Your Product, Managing Legal Actions, and Industry Impacts
Recent copyright and trademark infringements in cannabis product packaging have led to legal actions that are impacting public perception of the cannabis industry. Join this discussion to learn how to market your product without copyright infringement, how to protect your own products from imitators, and why compliance is necessary for less restrictive legislation as we move toward federal legalization.
Moderator: Adam Duke, Director of Sales & Client Relations, Six Labs
Panel: Charisse Harris, VP of Compliance & Auditing | Lightshade; George Smitherman, President & CEO | Cannabis Council of Canada; Nancy Mertzel, Owner | Mertzel Law PLLC; Sean Arnold, Founder & Managing Partner | Terradigm Consulting

Auditorium B: Cannabis Business Compliance Track
International Cannabis Business: Requirements & Standards
Compliance standards around the world are wildly inconsistent, but that won’t last forever. As more certifications pop up at different levels, from professional associations to state governments to international standards, how can you approach your international cannabis business strategically? Join this session to learn what U.S. companies need to know about international standards, and how to plan proactively to ensure continued trade.
Moderator: Jillian Reddish, Co-Founder | Global Cannabis Network Collective
Panel: Kirsten Blake, Vice President | Emerald Scientific; Jill Ellsworth, Founder & CEO | Willow Industries

Auditorium C: Cannabis Advocacy Update Track
Mortgages for Cannabis Industry Workers
Banking and financial transactions can be complicated for cannabis industry workers, but you can have “normal” activities including a home mortgage! Learn the steps to obtaining a mortgage, and guidelines on eligibility of cannabis industry workers. Bring your questions!
Jon Goldman, SVP Mortgage Lending

1:00-2:00pm | AUDITORIUM C
Day Three Closing Session: Redman + Emerge Giveaways!
Close out Summer Emerge with a cannabis conversation with Redman, legendary MC, record producer, actor, and cannabis advocate. Then, stick around for the final Emerge giveaways!

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